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The Dating Game | TFATK Ep. 1007

July 9, 2024

64 mins

Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub talk Bryan's trip to Idaho, his bucking bronco story, airline etiquette, having a girl vs a boy, Neil Strauss's book about pickup artists "The Game", catching up with Sanaz, current events around the world and much more!Arena Club - Right now, you can get 10% off your first purchase bygoing to Wins - Upgrade your athletic wear at ...

Mark as Played

July 3, 2024

74 mins

The guys debate who the real pound for pound king is in the UFC, make a thousand dollar bet on Joe Biden and talk big, jacked NFL players, Michael Chandler getting an offer to fight Islam Makhachev, Israel Adesanya's post about Alex Pereira getting backlash from fans, why Michael Venom Page won't main event a card, current events around the world and much more!Sportsmans's Cove Lodge - Use code “TFATK...

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July 2, 2024

78 mins

Bryan and Brendan recap their week long fishing trip to Alaska as well as Bryan's experience being live at UFC 303 Alex Pereira vs Jiri Prochazka with his nephew. The guys talk Bryan forgetting to bring his fish home from Alaska, Brendan's son Tiger catching most the of the fish and his love for bonking them, OJ Simpson being honored at the BET awards, an update on the Hawk Tuah girl, a giant sinkhole in Illinois and much more!Pr...

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Alaska: The Final Frontier | TFATK Ep. 1004

June 27, 2024

39 mins

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen podcast straight from a dock in Alaska to talk all things Alaska, UFC 303 Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Procházka 2 and much more! - Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at - Download the DraftKings Sportsbook app and usecode: FIGHTERSportsmans's Cove Lodge - Use code “TFATK” at checkout for 10% off your first...

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June 25, 2024

125 mins

X Games and Nitro Circus star Ryan Williams joins the show for the first time! The guys discuss how Ryan got started in extreme sports, his multiple gold medals at the games, creating more than a dozen "world's first" tricks, never letting haters get in between him and his goals, his love for the UFC and the fighters, breaking his back at an X Games and not even realizing it, his badass mom and much more!Greatness Wins - Upgrade ...

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June 20, 2024

157 mins

Godfrey joins Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen and the guys talk Godfrey's lengthy career in standup comedy as well as a his long history with Bryan, appearing on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe and his take on Katt Williams, a crazy meeting with Comedy Central, love for country music, being a Nigerian comic, advice he got from Damon Dash, his skeptical hippo eyes with the NFL and Tom Brady and much more!True Classic - Upgrade ...

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Chaos in the UFC and Barstool Sports | TFATK Ep. 1001

June 18, 2024

82 mins

Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub discuss their post 1000th episode hangover and talk Bryan hanging out with NFL star George Kittle during his Nashville trip, Conor McGregor officially out of UFC 303 with an injury, Khamzat Chimaev out of this weekend's UFC with Robert Whittaker due to illness, Bryan's recent fascination with Denzel Washington's Equalizer series, Bill Belichicks 24 year old girlfriend, deaf rapper from the Congo, Wil...

Mark as Played

June 12, 2024

202 mins

1000 episodes in and the lineup is stacked for the TFATK army. Andrew Schulz, Chris Distefano, Michael Rapaport, Will Sasso and Chris D'Elia join Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen to reminisce over the good ol' TFATK days and talk Will Sasso's non stop speaking in Italian, Andrew Schulz and Brendan discussing the recent Conor McGregor off of UFC 303 rumors, Chris Distefano's plea to get on Shane Gillis's new "Tires" show, Michael Rap...

Mark as Played

June 11, 2024

96 mins

The guys get in a heated debate about the pros and cons of early stoppages in combat sports, Bryan's fascination with Luke Rockhold's body, Brendan being scammed multiple times, Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn's underground fight, the old Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier beef and much more!Greatness Wins - Upgrade your athletic wear at NOW. Use code FIGHTER and you’ll receive 25% Off on your first purchase!...

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Callen Promises to Throw Himself to the Ground, Unless.. | TFATK Ep. 998

June 6, 2024

89 mins

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen discuss the new details in the Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler controversy and rumors, Bry's take on who wins between Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad, Brendan's emotional proud father moment with Tiger's baseball playing evolution, current events around the world including stories from Stephen A. Smith vs Monica Mcnu*tt, Valentina Shevchenko's controversial water strategy on TUF and much more!Tru...

Mark as Played

June 4, 2024

93 mins

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen recap UFC 302 Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier, get in a heated debate on who should be the pound for pound best fighter and talk Sean Strickland vs Paulo Costa, Dustin Poirier being a great human being, Donald Trump, Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler press conference being canceled, current events around the world and much more!Greatness Wins - Upgrade your athletic wear at https://greatnesswins...

Mark as Played

May 30, 2024

145 mins

The guys talk Brendan taking peptides, UFC bout announcements including Nick Diaz vs Vicente Luque and Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chiesa, Bryan and Victor's experience on How To Make It In America, Callen's crazy New York past, Bryan Greenberg meeting Obama, Victor's Luis Guzmán story, Greenberg and Victor's new "WE (ALMOST) MADE IT" podcast, current events around the world and much more!DraftKings - Download the DraftKings Sportsb...

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It's Official! Conor McGregor in the New Popeye Movie! According to Callen.. | TFATK Ep. 995

May 23, 2024

77 mins

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen talk Bryan's peeing story, Terrance Howard on the Joe Rogan Experience, Jon Jones vs Tom Aspinall, Bryan's excitement over Conor McGregor allegedly in the new Popeye movie with Margot Robbie, current events around the world and much more!Gravity Defyer Shoes - Visit and use codeFighter for $30 off orders of $150 or moreGet your first month for a dollar at https://getkikof...

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P. Diddy, You Absolutely SUCK! | TFATK Ep. 994

May 21, 2024

95 mins

Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub recap Oleksandr Usyk vs Tyson Fury and talk P. Diddy's most recent controversy, Terrence Howard on Joe Rogan's podcast, Bryan being duped by a fake Conor McGregor Popeye movie trailer, current events around the world and much more!DraftKings - Download the DraftKings Sportsbook app and usecode: FIGHTERO'Reilly Auto Parts - -

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Schaub and Callen React to Ronda Rousey’s Book | TFATK Ep. 993

May 16, 2024

102 mins

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen react to the Ronda Rousey's take on Brendan in her new memoir and talk Bryan's biggest regret in life, how Brendan would throw Bryan back in the water if he was a fish, Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk not being talked about much, current events around the world including Daniel Cormier beefing with Joaquin Buckely, the Roadhouse sequel, botox and much more!DraftKings - Download the DraftKings Sportsbo...

Mark as Played

May 14, 2024

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen debate the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight and Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight, the $2million dollar MVP package for the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight, current events around the world and much more!Lectric eBikes - Get your adventure started at And please mention that Fighter and the Kid sent you in the post-checkout survey!O'Reilly Auto Parts -

Mark as Played

May 9, 2024

Bryan Callen grapples Brendan Schaub once again to seek revenge for Schaub manhandling him and the guys talk the Robert Durst documentary,Tyler Hubbard on why Florida Georgia Line broke up during an episode of Bussin' With The Boys, the Tony Hinchcliffe backlash, MrBeast giving away 26 Teslas for his bday, Ryan Garcia being cleared of one of his failed VADA tests and much more!JOYMODE - or enter cod...

Mark as Played

Bryan Callen Gets Triggered | TFATK Ep. 990

May 7, 2024

Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub talk the Tom Brady roast on Netflix with Tony Hinchcliffe, Andrew Schulz, Kevin Hart and more, recap Canelo vs Munguia and UFC 301, discuss Ryan Garcia's VADA test failures, Bryan's amazing time in Tacaoma, WA, Brendan's Ford Lightning breaking down, reading books vs listening to them, Bryan's sudden loss of energy, current events around the world and much more.Arena Club - Right now, you can get 1...

Mark as Played

Brendan Schaub MANHANDLES Bryan Callen | TFATK Ep. 989

May 2, 2024

Bryan tries his new Jiu Jitsu skills on Brendan and the guys talk Brendan finally getting his Ford Lightening back, why Bryan doesn't have a real hobby, the Michael Chandler adoption controversy, Jelly Roll's girl's hall pass controversy, good looking grey haired men, True Classic - Upgrade your wardrobe and get up to 25% OFF @trueclassic at ! #trueclassicpod #sponsoredJOYMODE - https://usejoymo...

Mark as Played

Is Trevor Bauer going Back to the MLB? | TFATK Ep. 988

April 30, 2024

Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen talk with former MLB pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer. They cover all things baseball and much more. Also, the guys talk current events around the world including Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul being sanctioned as a pro fight, Danny Elfman's buff bod at 70 years old and much more!DraftKings - Download the DraftKings Sportsbook app and usecode: FIGHTERGiveLegacy - visit https://givelegacy...

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