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Masses B U L L E T I NSaturday Evening: 5:15pmSunday: St.Rose8:00 am, 10am (livestreamed mass at 10:00am)and and YouTube,St.RoseR.C.ChurchYou Tube-YWeekday Mornings:7:30am and 9:00am Of LimaSaturday Mornings:8:00amConfessions (Reconciliation):Weekdays following 9:00am mass andSaturdays between 4:00-5:00pm Catholic ChurchPastoral TeamPASTOR:Rev. Gerard GentlemanASSOCIATESRev. Allan ArneaudRev. Anthony Saliba Sunday, August 8, 2021DEACONSDcn. Michael GambardellaDcn. Francis B. McGuinness 2 BAYVIEW AVENUE MASSAPEQUA NY 11758 516-798-4992 www.srolchurch.orgDcn. Sean CotterDcn. Thomas ElliottSCHOOL PRINCIPALBrian JensenOFFICE OF FAITH FORMATIONGracemarie Rozea, CoordinatorPARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYMarianne Meyer, CoordinatorDIRECTOR OF MUSICJohn BuckelPASTORAL COUNCILRev. Gerard GentlemanHelen GavinSean CotterMichael GambardellaMary Beth Koslap-PetracoJames SheaKelly BarolettiFINANCE COMMITTEEBen Di Venti, CPADaniel G. Mazzola, CFAPatrick Garguilo, CPAMatthew Baroletti 2 Bayview Avenue Massapequa, NY 11758

Page Two Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 Welcome to our Faithful Parishioners and All Those who may be ‘Just Visiting’ MASSES FOR THE WEEK Jesus washed the feet of his apostles at the LastSupper as a sign of loving service, instructing them “as I Mon., 8/9 St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross,have done this to you so must you do for one another.” We Virgin and Martyras a family of faith strive to live this commandment of lovein doing all that we can to welcome you as we invite you to 7:30 Rosa Gloria & Francesco Gandolfobe an active member of this community. 9:00 Marie Stout Welcome new parishioners! If you are new to Tue., 8/10 St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyrour parish, I invite you to introduce yourself to me or any of 7:30 Regina Nuzzithe other priests after Sunday Mass. Even though we are a 9:00 Patrick Morriseylarge parish, we make every effort to come to know you and Wed., 8/11 St. Clare, Virginyour family personally so that we may be better able to 7:30 For All Those Affected by Covidserve you. If you would like to register, please see the 9:00 Felicia GandolfoWelcome section on the homepage of our website Thu., 8/12 St. Jane Frances de Chantal,( for details. - Fr Gerard Religious 7:30 For the Protection of All Life WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE 9:00 Ann Feeney Fri., 8/13 Sts. Pontian, Pope, and YouTube, St.RoseR.C.Church Hippolytus, Priest, Martyrs 7:30 Paul Russo 9:00 Mickey & Frank Stowe PHONE NUMBERS Sat., 8/14 St. Maximilian Kolbe, Priest andRectory……………………………….……798-4992 MartyrRectory Fax………..………………….…...795-7836 8:00 Pat Della Camera, Theresa Ng,Parish Outreach Office………….….…….798-4954 Justin FuscoSchool Office…………..…………….….....541-1546 Sat., 8/14 Vigil: The Assumption of the (4704 Merrick Road, Massapequa)Office of Faith Formation.…………….…541-1712 Blessed Virgin Mary Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm 5:15 Mass for the People (located next to Outreach, in Convent) Sun., 8/15Youth Ministry……………………………798-4992 8:00 Bernard McGroryCYO………………………………………..709-0260 10:00 Matilda Muller, Regina Burke, SACRAMENTS Joan Bruno, Joseph Landy, Rosario & Camilo Villavelez, Jun Payosalan,BAPTISM: Congratulations on the birth of your child! Sandra Baroletti, Trifone M. Lovecchio,Baptisms are celebrated Sundays at 2:00 pm in the Church; For the Intention of Logan John Fitzpatrickother times may be available to accommodate Covid 12:00 Jerzy Karasiewrestrictions. Requirements: an initial interview with a priest ordeacon; a Baptism preparation course; a copy of your child’sbirth certificate and Sponsor Certificate(s). Please go to theBaptism section of our website ( underSacraments for full details and a Fillable Form required to getstarted. The date for your child’s baptism can be set oncethese requirements are met.RECONCILIATION: Come and experience God’s mercy.Saturdays 4:00-5:00 pm; Monday-Friday after the 9:00 amMass or by appointment.MARRIAGE: Congratulations on your engagement! To beginyour journey, please go to the Marriage section of our website( under Sacraments for full details and afillable Registration Form used to schedule an appointmentwith a priest or deacon. No date for a wedding will be set byphone. Couples must make arrangements in person at least sixmonths in advance, and only after all consultations arecomplete. It is recommended that you set your date with thechurch before you contract with a caterer.

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021Page Three ...from Fr. Gerard “This is enough, O LORD! Take my life, for I am no better than my fathers.”As a priest, I have been privileged to share in the joys and sorrows of the lives of God’s people. In recent years, Ihave become more aware of the particular sorrows that come with mental illness, both for the afflicted and theirfamilies and friends. Like physical illness, mental illness is exhibited in various ways, and many times it may gounnoticed. Depression is one of those unnoticed or misunderstood manifestations of mental illness. Left untreatedor ignored, depression can lead to substance abuse and suicide.Mental Health literacy is an important aspiration for all of us to pursue, whether or not we are afflicted or knowsomeone who is. What people in a parish know and believe about mental illness will have a direct impact on aparish’s ability to minister to people with a mental illness and their families. If people mistakenly believe that mentalillness is due to a moral failing or character fault, then that will only serve to increase the stigma, shame, anddiscrimination that individuals who live with mental illness all too often must deal with. On the other hand, if thereis a broad understanding in the parish community that mental illness is, in fact, an illness that is not the fault of theperson with the mental illness, then more compassion, empathy and companionship can be found in the parishcommunity.The dynamic played out in the first reading today is what caused me to share these thoughts with you. The prophetElijah has reached a point of crisis; the opposition of King Ahab had driven him to flee. In his despondency, herequests death, but he is supernaturally provided with food to sustain him on the journey to Horeb, the mountain ofGod, where he will receive a theophany. I am not positing that Elijah is exhibiting mental illness, but he is in despair,and his answer to that desperation is a request that God might end his life. The supernatural food that he receives isnot the answer, but it gives him the strength he needs for the journey that will bring him to a healing encounter withGod. Through the gift of the Holy Eucharist, and our discipleship, we are being called to give others the strengththey need to journey toward a healing encounter with the Lord.As we move forward from the time of pandemic, we are aware that one of the aspects of healing that may havebeen neglected is that pertaining to mental health. Resources for Catholics and Mental Health can be found at thewebsite for the Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministries At that site, Ifound The Sanctuary Course for Catholics, which is designed to raise awareness and start conversations in localparishes regarding mental health. Over the next few weeks, I intend to take the course and invite others to do so aswell. The Sanctuary Course for Catholics is for anyone who wants to learn about faith and mental health. It requiresno previous training or expertise—just a willingness to engage in dialogue with your faith community. The link forthe course is If a number of us takes the course, we can build afoundation of support here at St. Rose. If you are interested or have further questions, please contact me.THE SUNDAY MASS OBLIGATION RETURNS– As previously announced, the general dispensation to attend Mass onSundays and Holy Days of Obligation in the Diocese of Rockville Centre will end next Saturday evening with the VigilMass of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This means that the faithful are thereforerequired once again to attend mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation. This obligation does not apply to thosewho are ill or confined to home, hospital, nursing facility or have serious underlying health conditions. Please speakwith one of the priests if you have questions about the obligation to attend mass.MARIAN PROCESSION AND BENEDICTION - Join us as we process through the neighborhood together, professingour faith and devotion. Immediately following the 12 Noon Mass next Sunday, as a parish community, we willprocess together with the statue of the Blessed Mother through the neighborhood west and south of the church.We conclude the procession with the Consecration of the parish families to Mary, and solemn EucharisticBenediction. Please join us for the procession or meet us along the way. Further details and a map are availablehere in the bulletin, on our Facebook page and our website.Peace,

Page Four Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 REMEMBERING LOVED ONES The Blessed Mother’s Altar Flowers displayed this week were donated in loving memory of Celeste DeSilvio on her Birthday in Heaven, Love always, AnneMarie and Tom. § The Bread and Wine consecrated for this weekend were donated in loving memory of Alice and Joe DeBonis, with love from your Children and Grandchildren. Welcome to the Newly-Baptized Wedding Banns 1st Time Lyle Oldnixon, Massapequa, NY & Tessa Marie Altadonna Caroline Motek, St. Rose of Lima Cali Lilly DeRossi Ryan Walsh, Holy Cross, Nesconset, NY & Emily Marie Iaconetti Kristie Wallace, St. Rose of Lima Laurel Elaine Jones Kristian Hernandez, St. Rose of Lima & Lucas James Viola Jillian Powers, Our Lady of Lourdes, Mass. Park Mario Larrea, III St. Edward the Confessor, Syosset, NY & Amanda Antetomaso, St. Rose of Lima 2nd Time Steven Kotchek, Seaford, NY & Megan Costanza, St. Christopher, Baldwin, NY 3rd Time Patrick Ceriello, St. Kilian, Farmingdale, NY & Angelica Calarco, St. Rose of Lima In Your Prayers, Remember the Sick… Michael Reilly,& Christine Ciorciari, both of St. Marks, Brooklyn, NY Baby Nolan Yoni Teresa Gomez AnnMarie Grinenko John LaForte Richard Matela Please Pray for the Souls of the Recently Deceased Joseph V. Pottanat

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Page Six Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 St. Rose of Lima R.C. Church 2 Bayview Avenue Massapequa, NY 11758 2022 WEEKDAY MASS INTENTION BOOK OPENING Beginning Wednesday, August 18Our annual weekday Mass book opening will take place this year in person, on Wednesday,August 18, at 9:00 am in the Fr. Graham Center meeting Room. We will also offer an emailand standard mail option to obtain a weekday Mass Intention, beginning Thursday, August 19.If you are interested in requesting a weekday Mass Intention for 2022, please follow theseinstructions and guidelines; requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis:In Person: the Fr. Graham Center will be open from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm on Wednesday,August 18; after 12:00 pm please come to the rectory office.Instructions if using standard mail: complete a tear-off from the bulletin (will beavailable in the bulletin on 8/15) and mail to the rectory - note:1) Payment may be made by check (do not send cash through the mail), payable to St. Rose of Lima Church, and mail to the above address, or by credit card online by going to WeShare on our website at ( - click on “Mass Intentions” and look for weekday Mass Intentions.2) You will receive an acknowledgement/confirmation of your request.Instructions if using email (available on Thursday, August 19): go to our; on the home page under the Parish News section click on 2022Weekday Mass Book Opening. Download the fillable form, complete it, save it as ‘Massintention - (insert your last name)’, then email to (note: oneform per Mass intention); follow payment directions above.Please take a few moments to carefully review the Mass Intention Guidelines:1) Only one family name per intention may be listed.2) No more than 8 Masses may be requested by any one family on the day the book opens.3) No more than one Mass in any particular week may be offered for the same intention.4) Collective or multiple Mass intentions are available at the Saturday 8:00 am liturgy and at the Sunday 8:00 am liturgy (beginning September). Collective or multiple Mass intentions do not replace all regularly scheduled Masses with announced intentions, but assist people in arranging for a Mass intention sooner than normally possible. According to diocesan directives, the following requirements must be met with reference to collective or multiple intention Masses: a) The intentions are remembered at one Mass by one priest; b) Those who arrange for the intentions must agree beforehand and freely to have their intention remembered with other intentions; c) The collective or multiple intention Mass may not occur more than twice a week; d) The usual offering of $20 may be asked for each intention. 5) We will open the Sunday Mass intentions for any given month on the first business day ofthe preceding month at 9:00 am when the rectory opens. For questions, please contact the rectory, 516.798.4992

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Page Eight Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 YOUNG ADULT MINISTERS OF THE WORD LECTORS NEEDED! Youth Ministry is looking for Middle, High School & College students interested inlectoring at the 10:00 Family Mass and the Sunday 5:15 Contemporary Mass. This is a great way to get involved and to give back to the parish community. All are welcome, please give it a try! Training will be provided on August 25th at 6 pm in the Church. Please call us at 798-4992 if you plan to attend. For questions, please call the rectory or email WEEKEND SACRISTAN We are looking for a responsible person who is at least 18 years of age to work as a weekend Sacristan here at St. Rose of Lima. A sacristan’s basic responsibilities are to SPIRITUAL GOD-PARENT PROGRAM assist the presider and to prepare/clean up everything needed for Mass. We are in need of someone able to work on Sunday Baby at Six Months’ Development mornings as well as the Saturday and Sunday 5:15 pm Masses, with flexibility to Thank you, my Spiritual God-Parent, cover other Masses from time to time, and who prays for my young life to assist at weddings when possible. You to be saved from abortion. would be scheduled several times a month I am 12 inches long, on a rotating basis. and I weigh two pounds. I open and close my eyes. Training is provided, but some experience as a Extraordinary Minister of Holy Soon I will see all of God’s creation, Communion, Altar Server, or Minister of but my spiritual eyes will be opened the Word would be helpful. If interested, at my baptism. please send an email with questions/ Then I will receive sanctifying grace qualifications to and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit to do the Will of the Father

Page Nine Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 St. Rose of Lima Ministry of Consolation Blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted. —Matthew 5:4 The funeral Mass is a source of hope and comfort. It is a reminder of God’s abiding love and mercy for us. The Ministers of Consolation are adult parishioners who desire to help those who are grieving. Ministers of Consolation serve as a team. One person tends to the family in greeting them as they enter the church, offers tissues, assists the readers as they walk up to the ambo, assists families with the presentation of the gifts and serves as a Eucharistic Minister if needed. The second person of the team is the Altar Server. The ministry is comprised of adults with availability to serve at a morning Mass of their choosing. In addition, there are other opportunities for involvement such as baking a cake for the family. If you are interested in becoming a Minister of Consolation, please contact: Barbara Pope at or call 516.798.4992 x 224.

Page Ten Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 2021 Remembering Loved Ones What is ‘Remembering Loved Ones?’ Many parishioners use Remembering Loved Ones to remember or honor a loved one in a special way. A monetary donation, ranging from $20 to $100 is used to cover the cost of various items August 1, 2021 used at our Liturgies for a period of one week, usually made in memory of a loved one or to $16,866.00 Weekly Offering celebrate a special occasion. An 4,931.00 Online Giving $21,797.00 acknowledgement of your offering appears in the bulletin, and an attractive certificate is 2020 Collection $20,395.00 prepared for you to give as a keepsake if requested. 2019 For your convenience, we’ve added a fillable $17,217.00 Weekly Offering form for this purpose on our website. Under the 4,310.00 Online Giving tab, PARISH INFORMATION, scroll down and $21,527.00 click on “Ways to Give.” Then scroll to “Remembering Loved Ones.” Complete the form and email to our receptionist who will be happy to assist you; or call the rectory for assistance at 516.798.4992.
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Page Twelve Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 Christopher Afetian, Marine Corps A PRAYER FOR OUR MILITARY Ryan Thomas Albergo, Marine Corps Gus Anderson, Army Support “Lord God Almighty, creator of mankind and Vincent Gregory Austin, Marine Corps Our Christopher Backe, Army Military author of peace, as we are ever mindful of the cost Ryan Baranek, Marine Corps paid for the liberty we possess, we ask you to bless Jessica Bennett, Navy the members of our armed forces. Give them Paul Brachfeld, Navy courage, hope and strength. May they ever John Bragoli, Marine Corps Timothy Breen Combes, Army experience your firm support, gentle love and Dante Bright, Army compassionate healing. Be their power and Stephen Brill, Marine Corps protector, leading them from darkness to light. Ryan Burkhardt, Marine Corps To you be all glory, honor and praise, Brian Coleman, Marine Corps now and forever. Joe Cooney, Marine Corps Sean Cousin, Air Force Amen” Brian J. Cuttler, Marine Corps Andrew Demarsico, Navy Patrick Devine, Army Richard A. Devoti, Marine Corps Nicole DiGregorio, Army Michael Duffy, Army John Dulko, Navy Christopher Eckert, Marine Corps Christopher Ernst, Army Matthew Fallon, Marine Corps Michael Farley, Navy Jonathan Fish, Navy Michael Flynn-Monaghan, Marine Corps Welcome to Online Giving! Weston Gall, Air Force Jake and Max Gauthier, Marine Corps Gabriel Gonzalez, Air Force Join so many of our parishioners Ryan Hayde, Air Force Colin Hughes, Navy with the ease of online giving. Lauren Kerl, Army It’s simple, it’s flexible and you are in control. Jordan Knoppert, Navy Jeffrey Kornbluth, Army Matthew Kramer, Army “WeShare” offers electronic funds transfer (EFT) Thomas Kramer, Army Taylor Lalier, Navy from your savings or checking accounts Matthew Mahlmeister, Army as well as credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover) Mike McKabe, Army David Meehan, Marine Corps and debit card solutions Matthew Mosam, Army for your offertory and second collections. Cassidy E. O’Brien, Navy Kelsey M. O’Brien, Navy Kevin Occhino, Army For those of you interested in joining the program, Grady O’Halleran, Marine Corps please visit our website at Timothy Pastor, Marine Corps Matthew Paul, Marine Corps and click on “WeShare” on the left side of the page. Olivia Pavone, Marine Corps Daniel Ponzo, Marine Corps Joseph Ramos, Army If you have any questions, Alicen Re, Coast Guard please call Linda McMahon in the rectory Thomas Re, Navy Jesse Reyes, Air Force at 516-798-4992, ext. 266. Christopher Rossi, Marine Corps George Russo, Marine Corps Sammy Serra, Army Donate when you want... Robert Shimborski, Jr., Army Zachary Small, Army Where you want… Peter Stegemeyer, Army Kelly T. Szal, Army Any way you want! Philip M. Veltre, Air Force Roger P. Williams, Army Thomas E. Winthrop, Navy William Youssef, Marine Corps Peter Zaccaria, Navy
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Page Fourteen Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 EXCITING NEWS! CYO Fall/Winter Registration is Open! ST. ROSE CYO SPORTS 2021 - 2022 SPORTS REGISTRATION NOW OPEN (Swimming & Volleyball registration will be in the Fall.) **Please note all registrations must be completed online** SIGN-UP ONLINE AT by 8/16/21 Online Registration accepts Credit Card only SIGN–UP BY AUGUST 16TH TO AVOID THE $35.00 LATE FEE FALL INTRAMURAL SPORTS DECK HOCKEY High School Division – GRADES 9th TO 12th FALL TRACK – GRADES 1st TO 8th Little All- Stars – NURSERY & PRESCHOOL ADULT MEN’S 30+ BASKETBALL WINTER INTRAMURAL SPORTS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL – GRADES K TO 12th **Travel Sports **Travel Basketball Tryouts - Grades 4th thru 8th (Boys & Girls) **FALL High School Travel Basketball - Tyro 9th & 10th, Senior 11th & 12th **All Potential Travel Sports Players/Parents** Please review rules & eligibility on the CYO Website General Information • Please visit for sport-information and frequently asked questions. • Please email CYO, with questions or if you do not receive a call by the program’s start date. • Annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 @ St. Rose Rectory 7:00 to 8PM. This meeting is optional for parents who wish to have a CYO question answered or voice a concern. Please email office prior to October 2nd if you plan to attend. • Refund Policy – please see registration website for details.
Page Fifteen Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 St. Rose CYO News As sport programs are re-opening, St. Rose CYO is excited to plan for next season.CYO currently needs to fill the following openings:• Track Director for grades 1 & 2• Track Coaches for grades 1 & 2• Travel Volleyball Director• Intramural Volleyball Director• Intramural Volleyball CoachesEmployee Positions:• Little All Star Coordinator – Adult 20 years+• Little All Star Coaches**Limited positions available, more info on CYO Website.Both positions require weeknights & weekends. Please contact the CYO Office by email, all questions will be answered
Page Sixteen Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 SUPERMARKET GIFT CARD PROGRAM A ‘No Cost’ Fundraiser– Please give it a try! Order by email, mail-in or phone! Gift cards are available in limited amounts for: SHOP RITE - $25 & $100 STOP & SHOP - $25, $50 & $100 St. Rose Parish will receive a rebate for every gift card purchased. We accept cash or checks made payable to St. Rose of Lima Church. Interested? Please complete the form below, then either email it ( mail it, or drop it off at the rectory, or call the rectory for assistance at 516.798.4992. We will contact you when your cards are ready for pick-up. Payment can be made at that time, or mailed in (by check only). Rectory Office hours are: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, from 9 am - 5 pm, and Wednesday & Friday from 9 am - 3 pm Please make checks payable to St. Rose of Lima Church, Address: 2 Bayview Ave., Massapequa, NY 11758 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— SUPERMARKET CARD ORDER FORM Please indicate which store you are interested in purchasing a gift card for by writing the total number of cards under the denomination next to the name of the store. If you would like to donate the gift card(s) to our outreach program, please note on the comment line below. Name: ____________________ Date: ______________ Phone: ________________ Email: __________________________ Comment: ___________________________ STORE # of cards # of cards # of cards Total $25.-‘s $50.-‘s $100.-‘s $$$ Shop Rite N/A $ Shop & Stop $ TOTAL $ For Office Use: _______________ Indicate Check # _______ or cash _______ Signature indicating receipt of cards
Page Seventeen Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 Office of Faith Formation St. Rose of Lima Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9am - 2pm Phone: 541-1712 E-mail: Parish Outreach Website: Facebook: St. Rose of Lima Office of Faith Formation See you in September… The office will reopen on Monday, August 23. Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is Thank you for your amazing support!Here are the most needed items this week: closed. Please contact the office after August 23 for assistance.Juice - boxes & bottles (yes we ask every week!) 2021-22 campus placement letters will be Cereal mailed mid-September. Peanut butter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Catechists Needed for 2021-2022 Canned fruit We are in need of volunteers willing to share their faith with our parish children in Grades 1 through 6 Cookies for both our home program, Tuesday Crackers and Saturday program. Laundry detergent ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Toilet Paper You can earn your school service time by serving as a catechist at St. Rose of Lima.Here at Outreach, we are already starting to plan for Back to School (sorry kids). If you are interested or would like more Please help our families in need information about any of these opportunities, by donating gift cards to contact Grace at 541-1712 x241 after August 23.Target, Walmart or Staples so that they ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ can purchase the items they need. Attention Catechists Donations may be dropped off at Outreach If you haven’t returned your Catechist manuals and Monday - Wednesday 9 - 2 attendance sheets, contact the Non-perishable food only can also be Office of Faith Formation after August 23. placed in the Church bins. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(NOTE: All donations must be dropped off whenOutreach is open as squirrels & other critters have Search for: St. Rose of Lima Office of been attacking any food - even cans!) Faith Formation and click ‘Like’ our messages will come directly to your newsfeed! Thank You for loving your neighbor!
Page Eighteen Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8, 2021 ...and around the dioceseBingo Returns - Our Lady of the Island Knights of Pastoral Letter - This year marks the 500-year anniversaryColumbus will run Bingo again beginning Friday, August of Ignatius’ wounding and spiritual conversion in27 at 7:30 at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Massapequa Pamplona, Spain. Bishop Barres has written a PastoralPark. It will be held every Friday night, and if you have Letter introducing the Ignatian Year and several of ourany questions, please call Joe at 516-384-9189. diocesan priests are working on a series of reflections that will come out over the course of the year that begin anFr. Mychal Judge 9/11 Walk of Remembrance - On exploration of the life and legacy of St. Ignatius. They willSunday, September 5, there will be a walk remembering Fr. connect the Ignatian legacy with our legacy in 2021. YouMychal Judge who perished in his role as Fire Department can read Fr. Michael Bissex’ Pastoral Reflection andChaplain on 9/11. For more information, visit www.911 Bishop Barres’ Pastoral Letter on St. Rose’s website, or call 646-856-Walk. Facebook page or on the Diocesan website at Breast Screenings - Catholic Health is offering breastscreenings at no cost. For more information, call 516-705-1399 or email Outing, Little Sisters of the Poor - The Little Sistersof the Poor Queen of Peace Residence is hosting theirAnnual Golf Outing on Monday, August 23. For moreinformation, please call 718-464-1800.Help Wanted - Memorare Caterers in Seaford is lookingfor bartenders, dishwashers, wait staff. Please contactBarry Bree or Alan Malangone at 516-785-3476. Pleaseinclude contact information. St. Kilian in Farmingdale islooking for a part-time receptionist in the rectory. Forinformation, call Jennifer Miller at 516-249-0127 or
HANDYMAN Tel: 798-3789 in Parish Since 1969 516-818-3100 PHYSICAL THERAPY Raymond N. Cecora, P.T., P.C. 5500 Merrick Rd., Massapequa 25 Years of References High Quality, Compassionate Care to those suffering from pain/injury/disease Li c. Nassau H0305150000 • Suffolk 47695-H Ins. Most Insurance Plans Accepted “Love Thy Neighbor” ROSE FENCE, INC. Joe Davis & Sons Landscape Contractors Inc. Landscape Designs & Maintenance • PVC • Custom Wood • Chain Link Landscape Construction & Large Plant Material • Aluminum Estate Fence • Stockade Joe Davis, Sr. 100 West Shore Dr 345 West Sunrise Hwy. Massapequa, NY Warren O’Brien TSI Massapequa TSI Dix Hills PAT DOLAN PLUMBING Parishioner - Landscape Contractor to St. Rose (516) 223-0777 516-799-0646 Massapequa Auto Repair, Inc. 5700 Merri ck Rd. Loco Motion New York Complete Auto & Truck Repairs Massapequa, NY 11758 1740 East Jericho Tpk. Licensed Master Plumber 4191 Merrick Road Huntington, NY 11743 24 HR. EMERGENCY SERVICE (516) 798-9605 798-8943 Massapequa, NY 11758 (516) 795-9360/795-9362/541-2622 Oral, Maxillofacial and Dental Implant Surgery Greg J. Panossian, D.D.S. PLLC Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon 5240 Merrick Road Massapequa NY (516) 541-4767 Carol Dermody (516) 795-3935 Walter Dermody (516) 795-9184 PEQUA SPIRITS CORP. 5151 MERRICK ROAD (Next to Ace) • Custom Homes • Additions • Renovations • Remodeling PI ZZ A - W I NE - BA R • Kitchens • Bathrooms OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 5 1 6- 6 54 - 95 1 7 4 3 1 4 M E R RI CK R D . M A S S A P E Q U A MID-COUNTY Tony Romanelli Joe Confessore INSURANCE ESTIMATES COLLISION (516) 799-2000 Commitment to Quality • Complete Auto Painting • 24 Hour Towing 59 Brooklyn Ave. • Massapequa, NY 11758 Est. 1995 2090 Hempstead Tpke., East Meadow Certified with 5159 Merrick Rd. 516-542-0415 Grateful & Massapequa most major 3530 Merrick Rd., Seaford Manufacturers Blessed for 516-798-0003 516.715.1223 12 years of 10% Off All Food Catering w/ad 516-826-2763 Hablamos Español Catholic School PODIATRIST Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group, LLC Education David G. Robbins 4683 Merrick Rd., Massapequa (Across from St. Rose) 516-799-2525 Irish Pub & Restaurant We W e provide the p r ov i d e t he 3964 Hempstead Turnpike, Bethpage h m ighest quality, highest qualit y, ost iinnovative most nnovative c are care Most Insurances Accepted 516-731-7544 b ecause we because we s ee e see ver y everyEye Exam, Contact Lenses, DMV Vision LONG u nique one unique one of of you. yo u .Screening, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Sport LIVE Googles, Dry Eye Treatment Catering & Party Room Available LONG ISL AND ™ 4644 Merrick Rd, Massapequa 516-900-1222 Birthdays • Graduations First Communions • Confirmation 855-247-4500 855-247-4500#145 FOR ADVERTISING: THE CHURCH BULLETIN INC.200 DALE ST., W. BABYLON, NY 11704-1104 (631)249-4994 • •
3818 Merrick Road Seaford, New York 11783 William E. Law NASSAU SHORES SERVICE STATION AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING Complete Foreign & Domestic Auto Repairs • Same Day Service est. 1985 Nick FUNERAL HOME, Inc. 5200 Merrick Rd., Massapequa Central Air Conditioning • Ductless Split Systems 516-799-8525 SalvatorePusateri and Gas Heating Specialists 1 JERUSALEM AVENUE Owner Water,Fire, Mold Cleaning Service 516-783-1313 MASSAPEQUA, NEW YORK 11758 5620 Old Sunrsise Hwy. Massapequa Residential Fax: 516-783-5272 Main: 516-604-1200 (516) 541-8070 Commercial Celebrating over 20 Broadway, Masspequa GENERATORS 30 Years HVAC/AC William J. Law Catherine Tessitore Nicole Messina SALES & SERVICEMohrmann Electric Company Inc. 516-795-5577 3581 Bayview St., Seaford, NY 516-826-3311 Open 7 Days - We Deliver BAYVIEW CARDS 516-424-3598 Pool Heater Repair Greeting TV Beanie Products STATIONERY • LOTTO • TOYS • SUPPLIES Residential & Commercial Cards Licensed and InsuredBalloons Our 27th YearDaily Newspapers Melissa & DougTobacco Products 50% off Gift Bags & WrapCandy • Gum Greeting Cards Free Estimates 10% Parishioner Discount4638 Me rrick Rd., Mas sapequa (next to St. Rose of Lima) QUICK EMERGENCY RESPONSE 24 HR. 7 DAYS And 516-654-9558 • 516-654-9559 3434 Merrick Rd.. Holidays GOT P HI L CEP AR ANO PRO-LIFE Seaford Plumbing & Heating INFO? 516-785-6854 CHECK OUT •Italian & French Pastries, cookies & Repair or All Leaks Repaired • Floods Pumped breads• Cakes & Trays for All Occasions Replace: Faucets • Toilets • Sinks • Drains • Heat Waste & Water Lines Residential Specialist Highly Recommended By His Customers ALL WORK PERFORMED BY OWNER 516-454-6557 TRY ME ONCE - YOU’LL BE IMPRESSED WITH THE SERVICE Lic. Master Plumber Serving all Nassau (No Job Too Small) 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE Serving the Parish Area Insured ASK ABOUT MY 2 YEAR GUARANTEE Securities Offered Think You’ll Be Paying Higher Income Taxes In The Future? Investment Advisory Then A Roth IRA Conversion Is for You! through American Services through American Portfolios Daniel G. Mazzola, CFA, CPA Portfolios Financial Services Inc. Financial Services, Inc. Active An SEC Registered Member: FINRA and SIPC Parishioner Investment Adviser 91 Bayview Ave. Massapequa office # 516-783-9540 cell# 516 526-7494 Michael J. Murphy Seaford Deli & Catering Certified Public Accountant • Expert Income Tax Preparation 3925 Merrick Rd., Seaford 516-785-7400 • Individuals, Businesses • Full Accounting Services 3891 Maple St. (516) 221-2047 Seaford, NY11783 $1 off any large pizza w/ad *No Fridays Active Parishioner for Over 30 Years James Funeral Home * Newly Renovated Chapel 540 Broadway • Massapequa • New York 11758 * Preplanning - Personal Planning Guide Available * Monuments & Inscriptions * Lavish Parking 516.541.4000 * Accessible Location * Handicapped Accessible #145 FOR ADVERTISING: THE CHURCH BULLETIN INC.200 DALE ST., W. BABYLON, NY 11704-1104 (631)249-4994 • •
St.Rose Lima Catholic Church - St. Rose of Lima R.C. Church (2024)


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