It's a Gemini party and the guest of honor is about to arrive: Mercury! (2024)

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Is anyone else feeling a bit scattered out there? The Sun entered Gemini about a week and a half ago, but soon after, Venus and Jupiter joined the party, and very early on Monday morning (6/3), Mercury enters Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini and will therefore be presiding over the other planets’ activities while they are in that sign. It is kind of like they have to yield a bit more to Mercury’s agenda than they normally would. I am expecting it to therefore be Extra Gemini, almost like double (haha, twins!).

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I thought it would be nice to gather some information on Gemini so we know what to expect and can therefore manage it. You may want to look at your birth chart and see which house or houses Gemini resides over. You can see that by looking at the outside of the wheel and looking for the Gemini glyph, which looks a bit like the Roman numeral two (II). You may be feeling the energy I describe more intensely in those areas of life represented by the house or houses where Gemini resides in your chart, perhaps in a more significant way than the other areas of your life. Of course, the entire natal chart has to be considered, and one cool thing that I learned from Penelope Sitter’s translation of a 17th century Morin (aka Morinus) text is that if there is a planet in a house, the planet drives the energy first, then the sign’s energy kicks in. So, if you have Mars in Gemini, you may be more unidirectionally driven in that area of life before the naturally more multi-directional Gemini energy takes over.

First, let’s visit the mythology of Gemini. I tend to go overboard on this stuff, so here are just the pertinent parts of the mythology:

  • The twins Castor and Pollux (aka Polydeuces or Dioscuri) had different fathers. One was a mortal (Tyndareus) and the other a god (Zeus). They were both heroes, fighting in many battles.

  • They were eventually killed in a battle, and Pollux, who was the son of Zeus, begged his father not to let him be separated from his brother. Zeus said he would allow them to share immortality, so one would live with the Olympian gods one day then have to be in the Underworld the next, etc.

My takeaways from the mythology are all the dualities: twins, mortal, immortal, different fathers, Mt Olympus one day, the Underworld the next. That is a lot to hold together and feel a sense of wholeness. But then, don’t so many of us come from non-stereotypical family situations? I know I do!

The key astronomy facts are not super exciting, but it is the 30th largest constellation and best seen in the winter months from the Northern Hemisphere.

But, there is a prolific meteor shower you may have heard of, the Geminid meteor shower, which occurs in November or December each year, appearing to emanate from the constellation. I’d like to say I haven’t seen these because it is usually cloudy at that time of year in Seattle, but to be honest it is because I do not see anything happening past 10 pm because I am sound asleep.

A cool astronomy adjacent fact - NASA’s 2 person spacecraft program is called Gemini, and you may have seen this referenced as America’s first spacewalk was on Gemini 4 in 1965.

As for the astrology, I encourage you to listen to episode 3 on Mercury, as that will have a lot of pertinent info to complement the below summary.

Firstly, I have found it carries its planetary ruler, Mercury’s trickster energy. Do not underestimate Gemini! A recent example from my life is that one of my friends (who happens to be a Gemini) was launching her business, so it occurred to me to look at the launch chart to see if there was any particular rising sign she wanted for her business. Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t paid attention to my own business’s rising sign because I was prioritizing the conjunction of transiting Chiron to my natal moon. I pulled up my business’s chart and saw that it was a Gemini rising. I would not have picked that as a rising sign given the choice (because of my own biases), but it is the perfect rising sign as it turns out. I have ended up doing so many Gemini things in my business, due to following my curiosity: the podcast, YouTube, and most surprisingly, all of the writing I have been called to do. So, the trickster energy showed up and brought the communication game along, and I am here for it!

To break it down, Gemini is an air sign, the other 2 being Libra and Aquarius. When you think of air, it is everywhere, right? Not visible, not able to contain, think of how particles such as the Covid-19 virus utilized air and how difficult it was (and is) for us to manage it for that reason. This air energy lends itself to thoughts, and making quick connections through the mind’s space. The fact that it is also a mutable sign (as opposed to fixed or cardinal) enhances that ability to move fast and connect thoughts.

All of this allows for rapid processing of information, but doesn’t allow for going very deep before moving to the next thing. Thought can move quickly to become words or assumptions can quickly be made in the interest of moving onto the next piece of information.

It can also be really fun and freeing to see where your curiosity takes you, think of the times when all of a sudden you have 25 tabs open on your computer. Amazon and other online sellers capitalize on our Gemini-ness by rapidly showing us other things we might be interested in purchasing. Social media shows you people or products or organizations to follow, etc.

Because of the trickster, quick, curious energy, it doesn’t concern itself with the clean up if any messes are inadvertently left in its wake. So, just be aware that when you give in, there is no magical clean up fairy and you (or others) will have to deal with the consequences of playing in the superficial level and quickly moving on to the next and the next …

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If you want a break from Gemini energy, check out the hypnotic track at the end of my most recent episode (#14) of Maria Luz’s Conscious Curiosities. I designed it to feel wholeness and inspiration and I think it will help you find that feeling of wholeness that can be lacking when there is a heavy dose of Gemini present.

It's a Gemini party and the guest of honor is about to arrive: Mercury! (2024)


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