How long would Israel's alleged "genocide" take? And why are no Muslim countries helping Hamas? - r/IsraelPalestine (2024)

In the interest of disclosing any bias, I am a 100% supporter of Israel and the IDF. Would be happy to hear from any 100% Palestinian or Hamas supporter/s (or anyone else) in response, though.

I'd like to ask/address just a few basic issues here, by sticking to just the most basic facts as much as possible. Please feel free to respond to all three issues raised, or just one or two if you prefer.

  1. Issue one: if Israel/the IDF is committing "genocide" in Gaza, then why is it doing so at such a slow pace?

What do I mean by this? Well, Let's do the math, shall we? And in order to refute any accusations of my (declared) bias I will be relying on the casualty figures that Hamas themselves have provided so far.

So, according to the (Hamas-run) Gaza Health Ministry, there have been 38,000 deaths in Gaza so far. 100% of these are "civilians", of course, because as we know Hamas have stated they haven't lost a single fighter so far. That averaged out to about 160 deaths per day (over 8 months). Kinda seems a little lame to me...given that Hamas themselves (a bunch of amateurs, not a professional army) were able to kill over 1,000 Israelis in one day on October 7th.

Now, I don't want to "disappoint" any doomsayers here, but according to my calculations, at the current "genocidal" death rate, it would take the IDF, a professionally trained army with some of the best weapons in the world, approximately 34 years in order to achieve a "genocide" of the 2 million or so Gazans, living in a small densely populated "state" directly adjacent to Israel. And that's assuming that the current birth rate in Gaza of 180 births per day drops to zero permanently. Because if it remains at 180 births per day then obviously, a "genocide" would never occur. Not in a million years.

So, there you have it, Israel's "genocide" - coming in three and a half decades (wow, blink and you'll miss it!), or maybe never.

  1. Issue two: if Israeli so committing a "genocide" occurring in Gaza, then why are none of the 18 or so Muslim countries in the Middle East doing anything meaningful to stop them?

I mean, Iran sent over some drones and missiles one night, and that kept Israel busy for a few hours. Hezbollah also attacks a few towns or hills in Norther Israel (not that much has changed here since before October 7th). But that's the extent of the Muslim world's response to a "genocide".

Shouldn't there be 18 or so Muslim armies surrounding Israel right now? Why aren't they all on their way right now (or months ago) to "save" their Muslim "brothers and sisters" from being completely wiped out by "the Little Satan"? Are the likes of Jordan and Egypt going to be tearing up their peace treaties with Israel any time soon? Is Egypt going to be opening its (secured) border with Gaza any day now?

In short, if the Islamic Middle Eat isn't acting like there is a real, actual "genocide" going on, then why on Earth should anyone else believe such claims?

  1. Issue three: Who cares more about attempting to reduce civilian casualties in carrying out their strikes against one another? Israel, or Hamas?

On the Israeli side, in order to attempt to reduce civilian casualties, the IDF takes the following measures:

i) Makes phone calls / sends text messages to any residents of the house or building being targeted.

ii) Drops leaflets informing the residents of any impending attack.

iii) Diverts or aborts missiles while mid-flight, if civilians are spotted, or some kind of mistake re: the target has been made.

iv) Drops "roof knockers" (loud, non-lethal bombs) on the target's roof as a final warning that a real strike is impending.

v) Has developed perhaps the most accurate weaponry int the world - capable (see YouTube videos) of taking out single terrorist targets in single floor apartment blocks or while driving in cars, etc, while not harming any bystanders.

In response, would anyone here care to list the measures that Hamas takes to attempt to reduce civilian casualties as a result of their attacks against Israel? No need to go into any more detail in response that I have here. Just provide me with a basic list of Hamas's tactics re: avoiding civilian deaths.

How long would Israel's alleged "genocide" take? And why are no Muslim countries helping Hamas? - r/IsraelPalestine (2024)


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