8 Ajmaq: Physical Acts of Reconciliation, Wholeness of Forgiveness (2024)

8 Ajmaq: Physical Acts of Reconciliation, Wholeness of Forgiveness (1)

This is a day for reflection, to meditate on our actions and their consequences, and to recognize our deepest essence. Ajmaq helps us transform the discords of the past to create harmony. 8 gives us strength and energy, its power connects us with the physical and material world. Denise Barrios

Ajmaq: Curiosity, Pardon, Sin, Forgiveness, Personal Service, Redemption, Sweetness, Essence
Sacred Animal: Bee, Insects
Energy Places: Caves, Caverns, Streams, Oceans
Colors: Gray, Black, White
Body Parts: Genitalia, Aura

8 (Wajxaqib’): 8 is an especially significant number. It embodies the fabric of life, the thread or cord of time and the sacred energy of birth, it also represents completion and integrity.

In Mayan Tradition, 8 embodies the concept of the infinity of life and time, and this number is often represented as a ball of thread or wool wound around the axis of a spinning wheel. Just as the ball of thread unwraps and develops, so do time and life itself unfold.

Curiously, the K'iche' Maya also believe that the umbilical cord is made up of eight threads.

1 + 7 represent the beginning and the end, therefore, 8 symbolizes union, which makes it a number of realization or totality, this is the reason why there is a kind of ritual on almost every day 8 in the Mayan culture, and because some extremely traditional (orthodox) communities have a special local shrine dedicated to it.

Furthermore, 4+4=8, so the fullness of the number four is doubled with Eight.

From Saq’ Be’ SacredRoad.org:
8 represents the
complete energies of the material world. A world of male authority. Energy of arts and creativity. The highest male energy.

Ajmaq Glyph: The glyph signifies the mind in a state of forgiveness and illumination. It is a brain with rays, lines of expansion, reaching out in all directions. –Carlos Barrios

The energy of Ajmaq embodies our connection to the long history of life through evolution, through the millions of years that have elapsed and blessed our planet with the diversity of life we see today, and the sanctity of consciousness, free will, and love.

Ajmaq also represents forgiveness, pardon, sin, and pleasure. It is the nawal of all faults and vices. But it also symbolizes gifts and Mother Earth, and is the nawal of the Earth itself. –Brigitte Rasine

8 Ajmaq
Thisis the perfect day for a forgiveness ceremony. Energetically wipe the slate clean, and move forward without guilt or resentment. Embrace the beautiful humanity of yourself and others.

Of course, this is highly simplified, but we often do choose to carry our guilt for longer than necessary. It becomes a burden, stifling our creativity and preventing us from achieving our full potential. It canstop us from living the lives we are able to live, filling us with regret.

Choosing to cleanse ourselves from the burden of guilt over past actions can have a dramatic effect on our lives, as can releasing grudges we hold towards people who we perceive have wronged us.

Holding grudges takes a huge amount of our creative energy away, again preventing us from being all we can truly be. –Mark Elmy

How Can A Forgiveness Ceremony Be Made?
Ajmaq days give us an opportunity to resolve this in one way or another, and 8 Ajmaq points us in a direction of ceremony.

It doesn’t have to be a large and ostentatious affair, your intention is the important ingredient. Write down what you want to forgive, or be forgiven for, on pieces of paper. Light your fire and connect yourself with your true essence, connect with the Earth and the Sky.

Say some words which have meaning to you, prayers if you like, then lovingly and respectfully put your papers into the fire. You might like to read them out loud first, contemplating each one as you burn it away. When you have finished, say thank you in whichever way seems most appropriate. –Mark Elmy

8 Ajmaq
Let us turn our mistakes into tools for growth, let us give thanks for each obstacle on the way and each fault that has led us to develop into the being we are today. Let us take a pause to go within ourselves and seek for the harmony that comes from forgiveness.

Ajaw Ajmaq brings the energy of curiosity, that which leads us to explore, to learn from other environments and people in order to grow, to continuously shape our existence and discover our true self, our true purpose.

Its power drives us in the search for knowledge, it is self-discovery, the return to our inner self to find freedom in ourselves. It is the expansion of our mind, the achievement of enlightenment. –Denise Barrios

Bee Spirit Animal:

“Harmonizer & Protector”, “Inventory of Responsibilities”, “Service to Community,” “Collaborative Effort”

Few animals carry as important a role, both real and symbolic, as the bee. The bee’s symbolism has a long history of representing diligence, social consciousness, and spiritual development. The bee’s symbolism has many facets and many collective, individual, physical, and spiritual meanings:

  • Efficient communication and interaction

  • Endurance and tenacity

  • The capacity to imagine and build

  • The capacity to observe and gain a thorough understanding

  • The sweetness of life, love and sharing

  • Authenticity

  • Affinity with light, with the divine

  • Harmony with the rhythm of nature and life

  • Fertility and productivity

  • Support and encouragement

The symbolism of the bee is a powerful reflection of their lives and the numerous myths this insect has inspired throughout history. –spirit-animal.info

Diana’s Notes:

Today is the completion of one ‘winal’, or Mayan month of 20 days since the start of the previous Ajmaq Trecena on Jun (1) Ajmaq (June 17th).

Today’s forgiveness, reconciliation and sweetness falls upon the 8th, ritualistic and ceremonial energy of the Toj Trecena. During this Trecena, we’re guided to restore balance and renew reciprocity, and the physicality of today’s 8 allows us to turn the effects of Toj’s teachings into whole, material form.

The simple forgiveness ceremony Mark suggested highlights and makes use of the sacred fire; Toj’s primal element that purifies our lives, reinvigorates our hearts, and transforms our spirit.

Another way to materialize the teachings of today and the Toj Trecena is to pay off financial debts, with the pure intention to start a clean slate. With the presence of Ajmaq, we can also offer a tasty, delicious desert or sweet treat to the Earth, or to someone in our life we wish to forgive, reconcile with, or renew our field of reciprocity with. Or we can simply offer a random act of kindness to a stranger.

There are many ways to engage in today’s physical acts of reconciliation. In doing so, Ajmaq guides us to renew and rediscover the sweetness of our essence, our original blueprint – all while the overarching energy of Toj helps us wholly restore harmony and cleanse our karma.

What acts can I engage in today to restore harmony in my life? How can I bring full reconciliation and sweetness to a situation that began around June 17th?

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8 Ajmaq: Physical Acts of Reconciliation, Wholeness of Forgiveness (2024)


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