6 I'x: Manifestation of Feminine Magic, Intentions Structure Reality (2024)

6 I'x: Manifestation of Feminine Magic, Intentions Structure Reality (1)

The energetic convergence of Waqib’(6) I’x with the Toj trecena causes us to be very sensitive during this day. Being conscious of this allows us to use our sensitivity not as a shadow, but to stay connected and in harmony with ourselves, with the people around us, and with the situations that arise. –Denise Barrios

I’x: Jaguar, High Magic, Spirit of the Earth, Inner Learning, Feminine Energy
Sacred Animal: Jaguar, Tiger
Energy Places: Jungle, Ceremonial Centers, Step Pyramids
Colors: Yellow, Brown
Body Parts: Muscles, Nerves

6 (Waqib'’): 6 is considered positive as it is an even number and a middle day in the trecena. It represents the four directions with the addition of the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.

6 is also symbolizes the physical world, the body and the vitality of the family. In some Mayan lineages, 6 days are frequently used for ceremony thanks to it’s conducive energy.

Although stable and secure, the 6 can also represent imbalances and can bring tests, opportunities to evolve, and work to develop. The tests are to develop, refine, learn balance and overcome.

I’x Glyph: The glyph signifies the heart of the planet, the feminine reproductive organs, the face of a jaguar, and points on the map of Mother Earth. –Carlos Barrios

I’x: Feline and feminine in nature, I’x represents innate intuition, curiosity, and the creative forces of the universe.

This is the day sign that grants the spiritual and psychological strength to reach the highest levels of consciousness, which underpins mysticism and divination. –Brigitte Rasine

6 I’x
Today the energies remind us of the importance of being gentle in our thoughts, words, and actions.

They invite us to be a loving and non-judgmental mirror for others, yet bearing in mind that while it is beautiful to contribute to the growth of someone else, our real work is not that of teaching them a lesson, but rather focusing on our own healing and growth through giving ourselves love and time, understanding, and listening to ourselves with gentleness and sensitivity.

Now that we are in the trecena of Toj, which opens a deep connection not only to our emotions, but to the Sacred Fire, we can light a candle and ask its transmuting fire that through the power and magic of Waqib’ I’x it may dissolve any wounds.

Let us ask for the light to find its way through us. –Denise Barrios

6 I’x
The nawal representing the spirit of Mother Earth combines with the number which draws on the energy of the sky and Earth to manifest into the physical plane.

Days carrying the number 6 often feel very well-balanced. This is as expected, being as the are in the middle of the range between 1 to 13. However, there is a little more to them than just that. The 6 acts as a focal point for what it is attached to. It empowers the nawal with the essences of the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.

In turn, this allows its energy to project or manifest into the physical world. It is much like the number 4, but with the embellishment of the divine masculine and divine feminine principals. -Mark Elmy

Jaguar Spirit Animal:
Integrity”, “Sudden Transformation” “Magic” “Embodied Strength & Courage”

Jaguar is a deeply significant totem in indigenous American spiritual teaching. Often regarded as the guarding of the West, it represents life and death, sudden transformation, and a devouring of negative emotions.

The jaguar is the predator who hunts what resists to be transformed. When a medicine man or woman calls the jaguar to facilitate a healing, there will be no more hiding from change.

This animal represents powerful healing symbolism, calling for impeccability, dignity, and justice. If jaguar medicine comes to you, prepare to find your behavior corrected. You will be called to act at the highest levels of honesty, truthfulness, and respect. –Bryjna Magnusson

Diana’s Notes:

Today’s combination of the subtle, yet powerful magic of I’x, and 6’s structural, symmetrical qualities guide us to attune ourselves to the formation of our reality through our thoughts, words, and actions.

“Words were originally magic, and the word retains much of its old magical power even to-day. With words one man can make another blessed, or drive him to despair; by words the teacher transfers his knowledge to the pupil; by words the speaker sweeps his audience with him and determines its judgments and decisions. Words call forth effects and are the universal means of influencing human beings.” – Sigmund Freud

I’x represents the feminine creative forces of the universe, therefore, these days are likely to enhance sensitivity to the underworld – our subconscious and the field of potentiality it operates in.

In action, this can be seen as intuitively ‘reading between the lines’, and our underlying intentions feeling a bit more exposed and impactful than usual.

Especially during the Trecena of Toj.

In a personal Mayan Cross reading, Denise Barrios shared with me that having Toj in my cross indicates the power of my word. Because the sacred fire of Toj symbolizes the ear of God, listening to and responding to our spoken words, that I must be conscious of what I say out loud because it can manifest into my reality.

On one hand, I’ve been shown time and time again that prayers work – that our petitions to the Divine Father and Divine Mother are always responded to eventually, and sometimes in unexpected ways. On the other, I can see where I’ve caught myself in negative loops because of how I internally judge myself, and how it creates conflict around me when it’s unconsciously externalized.

Today, the impact of our thoughts and words are amplified through the forces of I’x, while 6 teaches us how to stabilize and center ourselves in its teachings.

How can I be more conscious about my intentions through my words? What parts of my subconscious need to be expressed more clearly in order to restore balance in my life and in my community?

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6 I'x: Manifestation of Feminine Magic, Intentions Structure Reality (2024)


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